Friday, October 22, 2010

A hui hou kakou

"A hui hou kakou" a Hawaiian phrase for Until We Meet Again.  I thought this title was appropriate for our new family blog and described an on going theme for a military family and lifestyle.  I began this journey with my husband almost 5 yrs ago and every time we begin to plan and decide what we want to do in the future, the Army throws us into a whole new direction.  Once Andy returned home from Iraq in 2008, we knew he would attend class at Ft Knox and we only hoped and prayed we would get a chance to stay there for 2 yrs and enjoy time being close to my family and friends, which happen to work in my favor.

Since we have been stationed back to Kentucky, Andy has commanded a basic training troop, I took a job with GE Energy and we had a baby.  We have also spent 2 football seasons in South Bend, celebrated birthdays, weddings, and babies with family and friends, and made some drastic decisions on our future. We knew our time in Kentucky was going to be short lived since Andy took the signing bonus for 3 more years of active duty, but where the Army was going to send us was a big ?. We did the typical process that most Army families endure, making the list.  We talked with family and friends about what places we would like to live and jobs Andy would like to take. A bottle of wine and 3 hours later our list was made.  Andy went to the meeting and to our surprise, places we never considered were offered on the table.  In a short 5 minute phone call to me and all the decision making from the previous night out the door, we chose HAWAII. Yes, a vacationers paradise. We had no idea what the job was and where in Hawaii we would be located, but we said YES.

So here we are 2 months later after the decision waiting for orders....that's right, waiting for orders.  We had no idea moving to Hawaii was like moving to a foreign country, it is apart of the US, right?  We have been trying to plan anything we possibly can, but i have learned now to roll with the punches. It might be right before Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even Christmas before we get a our stuff packed up and on a boat headed toward the islands, but one thing is 98.999995% sure, we are moving to Hawaii.

I decided that maybe now was the time I became a blogger.  Since we are moving so far away from our family with their only grandchild and it seems to be a recurring theme amongst my family and friends, it was time I jumped on the bandwagon.  So as our journey begins to a new place, I want to say to all of our amazing friends and family UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. We hope this blog will be the missing link between our family and friends and I will update soon on progress and when the Grand Opening of MAD's Bed and Breakfast will occur.

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  1. You're making me cry already. I'm gonna end up spending all my savings flying to Hawaii.