Monday, December 6, 2010

The End of Waiting

I have always heard the saying "hurry up and wait" come from the mouth many of our friends who are in the military. It seems the entire military believes this to be the main concept for all procedures.  I knew this whole move to Hawaii was to good to be true and there where going to be alot of speed bumps along the way.  In June, Andy was the first to receive his RFO in his career course, but the last to receive his orders because of an unknown medical screening. Once the orders were cut, he was able to meet with transportation and secure the exact dates we wanted for our move. We waited then for confirmation and contact from the shippers. Weeks later we found out our orders were written incorrectly and transportation was only going to move us to Hilo, which is 250 miles of ocean from where we were going to live.  Once we contacted Hawaii and the Thanksgiving holiday past, things finally began to move quickly again.  In the matter of 24hrs we scheduled all our household goods for pick up, flights to Hawaii, ended our lease, and moved completely into my parents home. Next step, the shippers.

Only moving from Louisville to Savannah on my own and Savannah to Louisville, I never really have had much experience in military moves.  Our move to Ft. Knox was not extremely difficult, but it was just Andy and I and a 10 hr drive we had made many times.  This time it was an overseas move which required different procedures and requirements, also there was one more addition to the family and all of her belongings. Our packers and movers were extremely nice and quick.  6 hours, 9 crates and 24 donuts later they had packed our things and sent them on their way. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they make it on the boat and across the ocean. It would just suck to see the boat go down.

So now we have reached the end of waiting for the Army to get their butts in gear and get us on our way. We are lucky to be able to stay here for the holidays and celebrate with both of our families.  We now are just waiting for the first of January to come and we will be sending Andy on his own to set us up in Hawaii.  I will say, Louisville is giving us a wonderful send off with 3 days of snow and temperatures in the teens...I am sure ready for the warm weather and island breezes.